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Agile Care is an operations management platform for the home health industry. Our tool makes scheduling simple. It is a map based program that gives staffing recommendations based on client needs, caregiver background, location and personality. Our software can reduce the office overhead by 25-50% which can save owners $45,000-$90,000 a year while maximizing revenue, minimizing scheduling errors, and improving caregiver retention and customer satisfaction.

The home care industry has historically been very fragmented due to the local and personal nature of the business. Many caregivers want to work close to home with clients that they can build a relationship with. Clients want to work with a local company with caregivers from their community that they can bond and build strong relationships due to the personal nature of the care being received. Our personality matching algorithms are designed to give the local and personal touch, without the local knowledge. Private duty homecare companies no longer need to have local knowledge in order to succeed in a local market.

Our Mission

We enable in-home health care agencies to not only give their clients the experience that we want for our loved ones, but give their caregivers the experience we would want for ourselves.

Our Vision

Create a world where everyone who needs care, has care.

Efficient Health Provider Routing

Agile Care helps agencies optimize which caregivers get sent to which clients. By taking a holistic approach to scheduling and routing recommendations, our platform can save your agency thousands of dollars every year, while enabling you to offer your caregivers and clients a unique, more personal experience that will increase client satisfaction and caregiver retention.

The mapping feature alone will save us half an hour to an hour everyday!

Tina, Staffing Coordinator


Designed with private duty home health care companies for private duty home health care companies.

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Targeted Recruiting

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Agile Care Solutions was founded in 2017 with the purpose of helping adult in-home healthcare agencies give their clients the best possible experience in one of the last intimate relationship of their lifetimes.

  1. Mapping Functionality

    Agile Care’s Mapping Functionality provides staffing coordinators and recruiters high level insight into the locations of the agencies, caregivers, and clients. It is useful in identifying caregivers for new clients and specific shifts as well as a base for strategic caregiver and client recruiting campaigns.

  2. Matching Assistant/Training Recommendations

    Sick of spending hours clicking through endless screens just to find caregivers that do not have the required skills to take care of a specific client? Make matching a breeze with Agile Care’s user-friendly caregiver recommendations. The perfect caregiver isn’t qualified? Find out what trainings the caregiver needs before they take the shift.

  3. Caregiver Routing

    Is your office losing money every month paying caregivers to drive long distances in-between shifts? Use our routing feature to optimize the time and distance caregivers travel from one shift to another.

  4. Targeted Recruiting

    Fulfil your need for caregivers in specific areas. Use our targeting recruiting system to locate caregivers to create the most benefit for your business.

  5. Personality Matching

    Ever had a tough time finding the perfect match between a caregiver and client? Reduce caregiver turnover and better the clients experience by using our personality matching system that creates a more compatible and long lasting relationship between the caregiver and client.

Our Team

Meet our team

Bailey Paxton
Founder & CEO

Bailey is a junior finance major at Michigan State University. He has worked at Right at Home Homecare for the past three years. He has interned at GE Aviation and Rystad Energy. Bailey also has prior start up experience from founding Paxton Medical, a medical device company that identifies, redesigns and markets medical devices with expired patents.

Hassan Tarar
Product Development Intern

Hassan is a senior in Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University. He is currently a member of Michigan State Spartan Hack Team. He has previously worked with various software design patterns in c++ and python. He also has experience working with application Development.

Brian Cooper

Brian has worked for twenty years as a technology leader, responsible for building high-performing software development teams, identifying technology trends and driving technology strategy and innovation. Brian brings deep experience of software design and architectural principles as well as consultant expertise. Mr. Cooper graduated magna cum laude from Columbus State with a M.S. in software development and studied computer science at Austin Peay State University at undergraduate level.

Jeff Wesley

Current Executive Director of Red Cedar Ventures. He is also an Angel Investor and member of the Michigan Angel Fund and the Capital City Angels. Previously the Chief Executive Officer of Two Men and a Truck where he was responsible for the leadership of the largest international franchise moving company. During his tenure with the organization the company grew from $186MM/year to over $500MM/year and had record growth, customer service and expansion of locations including mini-markets.

Corey Hammer, Ph.D.
Psychology Advisor

Corey holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Social Psychology (focusing on personality research) and has 15+ years of designing actionable quantitative and qualitative research. His expertise in quantitative methods includes proficiency in the following areas: segmentation, key driver assessment, Discrete Choice, Max Diff and Conjoint Analysis.

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